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Jola & Beauty Safety Guidelines | COVID-19

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The safety of our Clients is essential for us, so we have undertaken a thorough review of our salon and the services we offer in order to keep you as safe as possible, this is what we are doing for you:

  • We are open to take care of you, from 9am to 8.30pm Tuesday to Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday

  • Safe social distancing will be happening throughout your time with us at Jola & Beauty, we have had training to ensure we take care for our clients in a safe and hygienic environment

  • Face shields, gowns, masks and gloves will be worn by Jola and Eimear at all times

  • We want to ensure that you receive your full treatment whilst you are here. If you are having a nail treatment that requires a soak off, we ask that you complete the soak off before you come to Jola & Beauty.

  • Making sure every client receives their full appointment is very important, if you do not make your appointment we will implement the no-show process and charges in our Appointment Policy (this policy is on our website)

  • You are asked to come alone and please do not bring any shopping bags with you, feel free to bring your own water

  • We will stagger Client arrival times to minimise close contact, there will be 15 minutes break between every appointment to enable the treatment room to be cleaned, as well as disinfecting the sink, equipment and the toilet

  • Your room and the toilet will have been cleaned before every Client arrives to ensure that it’s safe for every Client

  • If you are feeling unwell, or waiting on a virus test result, before your appointment we ask that you let us know straight away and we will reschedule your appointment at a time that works for you.

  • Please wear a mask at all times in the salon, if you don’t have a mask we will provide you with a disposable mask (the charge for this will be added to you your bill)

  • If you wish to purchase any products or a gift voucher, please contact us directly so we can arrange a collection time

When you arrive:

  • We ask that you arrive at the exact time of your appointment, we will be letting you into the building at that exact time

  • When you arrive you will be let into the building by Jola or Eimear at reception

  • We will greet you warmly but without a handshake or personal contact

  • There will be one client only in the reception area at one time, so everyone will be at a safe distance

  • You will then be asked to apply hand sanitiser gel (that we will provide) then thoroughly wash your hands before your treatment starts

  • On arrival, all Clients will complete a Client Heath Questionnaire to ensure you are safe and well and reduce the risk of infection for us all

  • Any personal belongings, and any water that you bring, will be put in a disinfected plastic box for you to carry with you during your time with us, this is to keep your belongings separate and hygienic

Keeping our treatment rooms safe:

  • We will not be providing any drinks whilst you are here with us

  • All surfaces throughout the salon are cleaned regularly with disinfectant and sterilised.

  • All items of equipment are cleaned and disinfected before and after each treatment

  • There is ventilation throughout the salon with doors and windows open where possible.

  • Plastic covers are on each of the beds, they are cleaned after each treatment

  • Paper towel dispensers are next to each sink for you to use as they are more hygienic

  • We will provide disposable towels when you are having your treatment, to ensure everything is hygienic

  • If your treatments requires a nail file, we will give you a brand new file for your treatment, this will be sterilised after your treatment, we will then give it to you in a sealed plastic bag, and you are asked to bring that with you next time for your treatment

  • Jola or Eimear will stay with you throughout your treatment - not venturing out of the room - to reduce the need to minimise infection

  • Disposable tissue will also be in each room for your personal use if necessary, along with hand sanitiser

  • Please pay close attention to any information posters inside the salon, which highlight the steps we are taking to keep you safe

  • We are happy to discuss any of your individual concerns, please feel free to speak with Jola or Eimear if you need any further information

When you are leaving us:

  • When you finish your treatment payment will be taken at reception. We will ensure that the area is vacated just for you

  • Our prices have been updated, to reflect the cost of our new protocols for keeping you safe, please see our website for details

  • Before you are leaving us, you will be asked to apply hand sanitiser.

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