Jola is an award winning excellent cosmetologist. Skin therapy and dermaceutical skin care treatments are two areas of her expertise.

This in-depth knowledge about the skin is a result of her degree in Cosmetology and many years of experience as a professional cosmetologist.

At Jola & Beauty there are a full range of beauty and well-being treatments for you to experience.

Jola is proud that she has recently won two awards. Firstly she won an International award for the Best 2017 Skin Therapist. Jola was one of 50  contestants who attended the awards event, hosted by Nimue in Johanesburg, South Africa.  

Secondly her case study about acne skin was recognised by International judges as one of three the best in the word based on the results of her treatments of acne skin. 

Being a perfectionist with exceptional knowledge about the skin's functions; Jola is confident when advising the best skin programme of skin treatment. The best results are achieved as an outcome of consultations with individuals about their skin type, analysis of how the environment impacts on the quality of skin. This knowledge helps her to prescribe individualised highly tailored to her customer's needs.

With a wealth of experience in planning and delivering advanced skin treatments, using internationally recognised dermaceutical products, Jolas unique approach regularly advises clients on their type of skin (environmental, ageing, problematic, interact and hyper pigmentation).

The treatments provided make significant improvements to your skin; it will change your perfection of skin routines, and will have a positive long term impact on your wellbeing. Many of Jola's clients have already benefited from this highly specialised and professional consultation. 

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"Jola has been my beautician for a long time and I wouldn't go anywhere else. She makes your experience 10/10 from the minute you walk through the door."

~ Bev ~

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