Energy and vitality facial for 60 mins is £75 

The treatment is based on a sensational duo of anti-aging agents, you can relax whilst it stimulates the biological renewal of your epidermis as well as the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Using steam, cavitation peel and hot/cold cosmetic hammer on this treatment it is a source of energy and stimulation client skin. Your skin looks well rested, healthy, younger, revitalised and supple.


Cavitation peeling for 60 mins is £70

This superb treatment starts with deep cleansing of your skin with the

use of ultrasound vibrations enriched with micro massage, which activates microcirculation, oxygenates the cells, stimulates cell activity and improves the penetration of active substances into your skin. It cleanses your pores, smooths the skin, strengthens capillary vessels, perfectly moisturises, stimulates natural hydration and softens your epidermis while also calming and regenerating your skin.


Advanced Anti-ageing Treatment for 80 mins is £110

This relaxing superior care treatment is designed to stimulate deep parts

of your skin and give a rejuvenating effect on its surface. This non-invasive skin tightening procedure can be an independent rejuvenating treatment or a supplement to medical treatments. The active ingredients have

a proven, intensively rejuvenating effect.


The heat created during the treatment deeply penetrates tissues, relaxes your skin and muscles, and the deep micro-massage improves blood and lymph flow as well as metabolism and regeneration of cells. The ultrasound also makes it easier for moisturising and conditioning substances to penetrate dry, peeling off, unoxygenated, flaccid, grey and tired skin. 


The effects of this treatment include reduction of wrinkles caused by dehydration, firmer, moisturised and smoothed out skin and also stimulated invigorated muscles.

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