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Anti-ageing facials

Celluma Light Therapy


Celluma instantly energises skin cells to revitalise a dull and tired complexion. 

Phototherapy combines three wavelengths of light to gently rejuvenate skin and deliver safe and effective results for a wide range of skin concerns without discomfort or downtime.


Light therapy is excellent as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to other treatments to aid recovery and enhance results.


Treatment can be used to address several skin concerns including ageing, acne and pigmentation. LED light emits wavelengths of coloured light energy and stimulates the skin to refresh itself by supercharging the cells and speeding up repair mechanisms.

Celluma Light Therapy for 45 mins is £ 59


The treatment starts with an exfoliation resurface the skin which is followed by a session of light emitting diode therapy and concludes with the infusion of a combination of ingredients infused into the skin.


Advanced Light Therapy for 60 mins is £69


This relaxing superior care treatment is designed to stimulate deep parts of your skin and give a rejuvenating and revitalise effect on its surface. The treatment includes deep exfoliation with steam, a luxury face massage with infusions active ingredients depend skin needs and light therapy.


Anti-stress Treatment with Algae Mask for 60 mins is £69


This is a luxurious treatment that includes a deep cleanse, refreshing exfoliation using a face steamer, a relaxing face massage using advance skin care active ingredients and Algae mask. This treatment is specifically customised to your skin's needs and delivers excellent results and deep relaxation.

Micro-current Treatment for 60 mins is £74


This superb treatment starts with deep cleansing of your skin with the use of ultrasound cavitation peeling with micro massage, which activates microcirculation, oxygenates the cells, stimulates cell activity and improves the penetration of active ingredients into your skin. It cleanses your pores, smooths the skin, strengthens capillary vessels, perfectly moisturises, stimulates natural hydration and softens your epidermis while also calming and regenerating your skin.  The treatment includes a luxury face massage.


Advanced Treatment for 80 mins is £120

This relaxing superior care treatment is designed to stimulate deep parts of your skin and gives a rejuvenating effect on its surface. This non-invasive skin tightening procedure can be an independent rejuvenating treatment or a supplement to medical treatments. The active ingredients have a proven, intensively rejuvenating effect.  The treatment includes exfoliations using a face steamer, micro -current, ultra -sound and a luxury face massage.


The effects of this treatment include a reduction of wrinkles caused by dehydration, firmer, moisturised and smoothed out skin and stimulated invigorated muscles.


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